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CDRI was formed in August 2015 by three forward thinking people who saw that arbitration was the solution to the conflict between Federal Controlled Substances regulations, State law, and the Federal Arbitration Act.


CDRI is based in Denver, Colorado, and offers arbitration and mediation services nationally and globally.


At this time, the officers of CDRI are an Executive Director who is responsible for the management and operation of the organization, a  Chairman of the Board of Directors, and a Secretary-General who handles the management of the arbitration cases.




CANNABIS - MARIJUANA DISCLOSURE – The Cannabis Dispute Resolution Institute’s (CDRI) services are strictly limited to dispute resolution within the confines of relevant state and foreign laws and regulations relating to legal medical marijuana and cannabis products, the legal adult use of marijuana, and other legal cannabis and hemp products. CDRI is based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Cannabis (which includes “marijuana,” and “marihuana”) are controlled by the United States of America pursuant to the Controlled Substances Act and nothing contained herein nor any of CDRI’s services are intended to assist in any way with violation of any applicable law. Do not assume that any information, documents, or samples sent to the CDRI will remain confidential. CDRI does not offer legal advice and strongly recommends that you consult competent legal counsel on any matters of law.



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